2/11/2020 update:

Happy Pitchers and Catchers reporting day!

I wanted to drop a quick message to let everyone know about some of the upcoming pieces that will appear on this blog, some concepts I want to run by everyone, and try to connect with folks on this platform and see what we can do to help save our teams. I am very interested in hearing from baseball fans across the country and definitely open to ideas, so please feel free to email me at SaveMyMiLB@gmail.com if you have thoughts, comments, questions, or talk about ways you can get involved.

I want this website to serve as a one-stop-shop for information and resources as it relates to the PBA and the possible elimination of MiLB teams. I have a few pieces in the works that will discuss and analyze MLB’s case for elimination of MiLB teams (spoilers: lots of bad arguments from MLB that need to be examined), a basic FAQ for all things related to this issue, as well as blog postings detailing the Mayoral Task Force to Save Minor League Baseball, the Congressional Task Force to Save Minor League Baseball, the Ninth District ruling against MLB in Minor League Wages (Senne v. Kansas City Royals), and other issues that relate to this topic. In addition to this I want to create a database of stories related to this case, as well as updates about local community efforts to save their teams.


One of the first pieces that will be published over the next couple of days will be my piece on why we as fans need to make our voices heard on this matter. In addition to this, I am asking for people who want to get involved in trying to save a team in their community. I would love it if this website and its related social media accounts will be able to help connect people who want to work to save MiLB in their communities. With multiple social media platforms and inspiration from some of our favorite baseball movies, memes, GIFs, and endless possibilities for original content, there are plenty of fun and creative ways we can tell MLB that we as baseball fans want to keep teams in our communities.

Most importantly, if you are interested in trying to save your Minor League team, or part of a current effort please reach out to me and let me know what you are doing. I would love to connect with you, spotlight your efforts, and see if there are ways to connect with other fans and exchange ideas.

As always, thank you for your passion and support in this project. #SaveMiLB

Yours in baseball,

Mike Maciejewski
Twitter: @milb_my
Facebook: Save My MiLB

Published by savemilb

A lifelong baseball fan that frequently spends many spring and summer evenings enjoying Minor League games across the country. #SaveMiLB

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