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A Fan Campaign to Save Minor League Baseball

“We do not believe it is productive to engage in further public debate with [MiLB] over a successor Professional Baseball Agreement.”

— Rob Manfred, Commissioner of Major League Baseball

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In October 2019, news broke that Major League Baseball is planning to eliminate 42 Minor League teams at the end of the 2020. I have spent the past 27 years in Minor League Baseball – as a fan, as an intern, as a researcher, and most often now as I play scout – and when the news hit I was stunned. The relationship between Major League and Minor League Baseball has changed a lot over the years, but to call for entire Minor Leagues to be reduced by 25 percent, killing three leagues (the Appalachian, Pioneer, and New York-Penn Leagues), and actively trying to take professional baseball out of communities marks a radical change in the relationship between the Majors and Minors.

Although my current local teams are safe, my hometown Vermont LakeMonsters are just one of many teams across 20 states that will be eliminated unless this can be stopped. This page is dedicated to spreading information, connecting individuals, and trying to raise a public campaign to save Minor League Baseball in these communities by telling MLB ownership, Commissioner Rob Manfred, and Deputy Commissioner Dan Halem that we will not stand for this decision.

Over the next several weeks heading into the regular season I plan on updating this blog with background information on the proposal, analysis of MLB’s case, and highlighting fan and team efforts to save Minor League Baseball in their communities. In the meanwhile and throughout the season, I am actively trying to connect with teams and fans across the country to see how we can combine efforts, organize local groups, and campaign to help save these teams. If you are interested in connecting with other fans, want to reach out, ask questions, or anything else please do not hesitate to contact me either by email at SaveMyMilb@gmail.com and @milb_my on Twitter.

Thanks everyone and let’s work together to #SaveMiLB.

Yours in Baseball,

Mike Maciejewski

Published by savemilb

A lifelong baseball fan that frequently spends many spring and summer evenings enjoying Minor League games across the country. #SaveMiLB

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